Taming the Horse

Taming the Horse (2017)


Director: Tao Gu

Year: 2017

Running time: 129 minutes

Genre: Documentary

Language: Chinese Mandarin

2017 Festival des 3 continents, France - Montgolfière d'or

2017 Montréal International Documentary Film Festival (RIDM), Canada - Grand Prize For Best Canadian Feature

2018 China Independent Film Festival (CIFF), China - Jury Prize

2018 FIRST International Film Festival, China - Best artistic originality

2017 Visions du Réel, Switzerland

2017 Dok Leipzig, Germany

2018 True/False Film Fest, USA

2018 Rendez-vous du cinéma québécois, Canada

Dong is a dreamer who has lost his way. Born on the plains of Inner Mongolia, and transplanted to the economic frenzy of southern China, he is forced to confront the realities of age, family and a changing society. Over the course of a year, filmmaker Tao Gu accompanies Dong in his labyrinthine quest. The resulting portrait is of a difficult and divisive young man; a sympathetic record on the human condition in contemporary China; a raw cry for truth, a longing for a better life.

“A view on dream and crossing”
— Cahiers du Cinema
“Comparable with Mother and Whore and Memories of Murder”
— La septieme obsession
“Aonther way to portrait contemporary China, hollow, as intimate as collective”
— Jerome Baron, Festival des 3 continents
“Tao Gu leads us an impressive cinematographic journey through time and space, that in no small part is rooted in its organic and sophisticated editing”
— RIDM Jury Members